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Robot Programmer's Bonanza

by John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal

The Robot Programmer's Bonanza is the ideal book to get you started with robot programming. Based on the easy-to-use RobotBASIC programming software, this book first introduces the software and then explains how to develop algorithms and debugging techniques for your programs. The book then moves on to cover extensively controlling robot movements, including following a straight line, locating a goal, navigating in a maze and also how to move in the home or office. Developing robotic intelligence is also covered together with a real-world simulation. The book is easy to understand and is a prefect starting point to move from remote controlled robots to fully autonomous robots, able to navigate and make decisions independently.



  • Based On Easy-to-Use RobotBASIC Programming Software
  • In-Depth Coverage of Controlling Robot Movements
  • Plenty of Code Examples for each Chapter
  • Developing Intelligent Robots
  • Appendix with detailed information on each RobotBASIC Command
  • 396 Pages

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