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Robot Builder's Cookbook

by Owen Bishop

Excellent introduction to using PIC microcontrollers to build a number of robots. This book first introduces the mechanics behind robot design and then moves onto the electronics required to get your robot operational. PIC microcontroller programming for robotics is explained together with assembly language examples for the various functions of the robot. 5 complete robot projects are then presented together with detailed instructions, code examples, circuit design and explanations of the various theory behind each design. Build a scooter, android, robot toy and more. This book is great for the robotic beginner with some PIC microceontroller experience, wanting to build their first robot.



  • Detailed Instructions with code, circuit design and electronic parts lists
  • Covers the basics of robot mechanics, electronics required and PIC programming for the various functions
  • Basic step by step guide, ideal for the beginner
  • Easy to read format, with plenty of diagrams and examples
  • 366 Pages

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