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Brilliant LED Projects

by Nick Dossis

Looking to build simple attractive display circuits and units with LED's, this book is ideal for the hobbyist and experimenter, to learn and build a wide range of useful LED projects. All circuits are built using readily available parts and can be constructed in a short time. The basics as well as the theory behind each project is explained in detail, together with a full parts list and circuit diagram.

Projects include a mini scoreboard, portable flashlight, LED candle, bike flasher, light sword and much more. The book also covers the basic fundamentals of the various LED parts used, including basic LED's, LED light bars, seven segment displays and also LED matrix displays. A number of circuits are built using the PIC microcontroller, the assembly program listings are included together with a description of the operation of the program. The Brilliant LED Projects book is ideal for the hobbyist to build and learn, with a wide range of useful easy to build projects using LED's and LED Displays.



  • Basic Introduction to Circuit Construction and Soldering
  • Detailed Projects Including Schematics, Parts List and Code
  • Theory Behind each Project and LED Parts is Explained in Detail
  • All Projects are Built on Readily Available Stripboards
  • 258 Pages - Softcover

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