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Circuit Design

Know it all Series

One of the most complete books available on Circuit Design, this title covers Circuit Design from the fundamentals all the way to printed circuit board design and layout. The book starts first with the fundamentals of semiconductors and then moves on to transistor circuit design and then into logic circuits. Analog to Digital design is covered in detail with a look also at filter circuits and their applications. Op-Amp Design, FPGA's and Microcontrollers are also covered, together with a final look at batteries, testing, safety and PCB Design. This book is an ideal University or College textbook and includes plenty of practical design information.



  • In-Depth Coverage of All Areas of Circuit Design
  • Transistor, Op-Amp, RF Circuits are all Covered in Detail
  • PCB Design as well as Testing and Safety are also Covered
  • Excellent Textbook, Ideal for University Students
  • 1228 Pages

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