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TCP/IP Development Board

TCP/IP Development Board

TCP/IP Development Board

Develop remote control and data acquistion systems with our easy to use TCP/IP Development Board. This unit handles all the necessary communication protocols and TCP/IP stack, to enable you to concentrate on developing your application quickly and efficently. The board connects directly to a microcontroller and only a few commands are required to send and receive information. Information and messages can be sent over the Internet or through a GPRS telephone network.

The TNS010i TCP/IP Stack Chip supports numerous communication protocols, including TCP/IP, PPP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, POP3. The board can also connect directly to a mobile phone or modem for data transmission and receiving. Data transmission speed is adjustable from 1,200 bps to 57,600 bps. The rate is also dependent on the supporting speed of your communication network.

This board includes to RS232 connectors for connection to the phone/modem and your microcontroller. Data can be sent in either TTL or RS232 levels to the microcontroller. Connection to the modem also includes the option for both signal levels. A series of LED's indicate the state of the board, with connection and transfer data LED's provided. The board uses a 8-24Vdc power supply not included. Connectors and RS232 cable are included with the board.

Part Code: TNS010DEVBRD


  • Unit handles numerous communication protocols easily, no need for developing this code within your microcontroller
  • Only a few simple commands are required to effect data transmission and receiving
  • Board connects directly to a mobile phone or modem
  • Ideal for remote sensing and monitoring applications, can be used in vending machines, POS and GPS tracking systems
  • Low Power Consumption and LED Status Indication

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