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Silicon Chip Magazine 2013

Silicon Chip December 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPDEC2013


  • Build an Electronic Bellbird
  • PortaPAL-D: A Powerful, Portable PA System, Part 1
  • “Tiny Tim” 10W/Channel Stereo Amplifier, Part 2
  • More Reception Modes for the SiDRadio & SDRs


Silicon Chip November 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPNOV2013


  • Build A GPS Tracker & Record Your Journeys
  • Dual Channel Audio Delay for PA Systems
  • Alscolyser: For Accurate Alcohol Analysis
  • SiDRADIO: An Integrated SDR using a DVB-T Dongle, Part 2


Silicon Chip October 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPOCT2013


  • SiDRADIO: An Integrated SDR using a DVB-T Dongle, Part 1
  • “Tiny Tim” Horn-Loaded Speaker System
  • “Tiny Tim” 10W/Channel Stereo Amplifier, Part 1
  • Automatic Car Headlight Controller


Silicon Chip September 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPSEP2013


  • Speedo Corrector, Mk3
  • Collinear Antennas for Aircraft ADS-B Signals
  • LifeSaver for Lithium & SLA Batteries
  • Simple 12V/24V Regulator for 70V Solar Panels


Silicon Chip August 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPAUG2013


  • PC-Birdies: Bird Song Playback Unit
  • Track Aircraft on your own ADS-B Receiving Station
  • Build an iPod Charger Adaptor
  • Active RF Detector Probe for DMMs


Silicon Chip July 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPJUL2013


  • DIY Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Li'l Pulser Model Train Controller, Version 2
  • Add a UHF Link to a Universal Remote Control
  • Demonstration Circuits for Human Colour Vision
  • Build a USB Port Voltage Checker


Silicon Chip June 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPJUN2013


  • LF-HF Up-Converter for VHF/UHF Digital TV Dongles
  • A Versatile 10-Channel Remote Control Receiver
  • Infrared-to-433MHz UHF Receiver
  • A "Lump-in-the-Coax" Mini Audio Mixer


Silicon Chip May 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPMAY2013


  • DC-DC Converter for the CLASSiC DAC Amplifier
  • High Performance CLASSiC DAC, Part 4
  • Do Not Disturb Telephone Timer
  • Simple DMM Auto Power Off
  • Voltage and Current Meters for the New Battery Charger


Silicon Chip April 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPAPR2013


  • High Performance CLASSiC DAC, Part 3
  • LED Ladybird: An Eye-Catching Electronic Beetle
  • Deluxe GPS 1pps Timebase for Frequency Counters
  • A Rugged 10A Battery Charger from Bits & Pieces


Silicon Chip March 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPMAR2013


  • High Performance CLASSiC DAC, Part 2
  • Infrasound Detector for Low Frequency Measurements
  • Automatic Points Controller for Model Railways
  • Capacitor Dischard Unit for Twin-Coil Points Motor
  • Control Relays via the Internet with Arduino

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Silicon Chip February 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPFEB2013


  • High Performance CLASSiC DAC, Part 1
  • Seismograph with Tsunami Alarm
  • Mobile Phone Loud Ringer
  • Improved Jacob's Ladder
  • Accurate GPS 1pps Timebase for Frequency Counters

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Silicon Chip January 2013

Part Code: SILCHIPJAN2013


  • The Champion Preamp/Audio Amplifier Module
  • Build a Solar Powered Skylight
  • Garbage & Recycling Reminder
  • 2.5GHz 12-Digit Frequency Counter, Part 2
  • Performance Tweak for the Ultra-LD Mk3 Amplifier