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Robot 877

Robot 877

Robot 877 - Top View

Robot 877 - Front View

The Futurlec Robot 877 is an exciting, easy to use and fully programmable robot. Based on the very popular PIC16F877 microcontroller from Microchip, this robot can be programmed to perform a number of instructions. A series of microswitches are used for collision detection, together with a couple of dc motors to control robot movement. A row of optical sensors are mounted on the base for tracking operations. Together with a ready to run LCD installed on the top for feedback and information display.

Enter the exciting world of robotics with this simple to use and program robot. Code can be developed, quickly and easily with the numerous range of programming development tools for the Microchip PIC range of microcontrollers. Code can be downloaded easily to the unit by a direct connection to a computers RS232 serial port. Teach your robot to perform many functions and provide instant feedback with the LED's and LCD included on the robot. This robot is an ideal learning tool and base for more complex robotic projects and experiments.

Also included on the board is provision for a DS1307 Real Time Clock, EEPROM's, and low voltage circuit cut-out. The robot is completely mobile with an on-board large rechargeable battery included for long life. The robot is based on a solid anodized aluminium base, designed for strength and light weight. This reduces power drain on the battery and ensures the robot can withstand tough knocks combined with collisions.

Additional functions can be easily added, with the port connections and analog input connections, brought out to standardized polarized connectors. Add a voice, distance measuring, infrared sensing to your robot, the possibilities are endless.

Code examples are provided in assembly language and PICBasic language, for LCD operation, robot movement, analog inputs and much more.
Our Robot 877 is an ideal learning tool for robotics combined with microcontroller programming. The robot is ideal to use as a teaching tool in schools, colleges and universities, together with providing endless hours of fun in the home.

Please note: The Battery Charger is not included, this robot requires a standard sealed battery charger for the 6V Battery On-Board

Part Code: ROBOT877


  • Includes Microchip PIC16F877 Microcontroller with 8kb internal Flash Program Memory
  • Solid Anodized Aluminium Base for Strength and Light Weight
  • 2 DC Motors Installed, for turning and forward/reverse motion
  • LCD Installed (2x16 Characters)
  • On-Board Programming using RS232 with MAX232 Installed
  • 4 Channel 10-Bit A/D Converter
  • Micro-switches for collision detection
  • Optical Sensors for Line Tracking
  • Power LED, Direction LED's and Reset Button
  • On-Board Battery for Complete Freedom of Operation
  • Real Time Clock (DS1307 Optional)
  • EEPROM (24LCXXX Option)
  • Buzzer
  • Code Examples Provided
  • Great as a learning tool for robotics and microcontrollers

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