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P87LPC764BN - P87LPC764 20MHz Microcontroller Technical Data - Buy P87LPC764BN

P87LPC764BN - P87LPC764 20MHz Microcontroller


arrowAccelerated 80C51 CPU

arrow2.7V to 6.0V Operating Voltage Range

arrow4 kbytes EPROM Code Memory

arrow128 byte RAM Data Memory

arrow32-byte customer code EPROM

arrowTwo 16-bit Counter/Timers

arrowTwo Analog Comparators

arrowFull Duplex UART

arrowI²C Communication Port

arrow15 I/O pins standard, up to 18 available

arrowOn-chip Oscillator and Reset

arrowSerial EPROM programming for in-circuit programming

arrowLow-power Idle and Power-down Modes

Pin Layout
P87LPC764BN Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 Port 0.0/Comparator 2 Output
2 Port 1.7
3 Port 1.6
4 Reset/Port 1.5
5 Vss - Ground
6 Port 2.1/Crystal Input
7 Port 2.0/Crystal Input
8 Port 1.4/Interrupt 1
9 Port 1.3/I²C Data/Interrupt 0
10 Port 1.2/Timer 0/I²C Clock
11 Port 1.1/Receive Input
12 Port 1.0/Transmit Output
13 Port 0.7/Timer 1
14 Port 0.6/Comparator 1 Output
15 Power Supply
16 Port 0.5/Comparator Reference
17 Port 0.4/Comparator 1 Input A
18 Port 0.3/Comparator 1 Input B
19 Port 0.2/Comparator 2 Input A
20 Port 0.1/Comparator 2 Input B

Dimensional Drawing
P87LPC764BN IC Dimensional Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Data Sheet for P87LPC764BN Datasheet

Application Notes