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P89C51RD2 Controller Board

P89C51RD2 Controller Board

Great new P89C51RD2 Controller Board, includes a pre-installed P89C51RD2 Philips Microcontroller, running at 11.0592MHz. This board is ideal for embedded applications and general purpose controllers. Easy to connect and interface with existing equipment. Microcontroller program can be easily downloaded and modified by a direct RS232 connection to a laptop or desktop.

On-chip 64kbytes of Flash Program Memory and 1 kByte of RAM. 82C55 IC included providing 24 I/O points wired to easy to connect headers. DS1232 Active reset and watchdog pre-installed for microcontroller monitoring. Board also includes sockets for a Real Time Clock, RS485 Communication and LCD connection. Two switch inputs and on-board speaker are pre-installed on the board. Board power supply is +5V dc, via a polarized power connector, visual power on indication via LED.

Part Code: P89C51BRD


  • P89C51RD2 Main Controller with 64kb of Flash Memory
  • 8255 I/O Port with 24 I/O bits
  • DS1232 Watchdog and Active Reset
  • RS232 Computer Connection (MAX232)
  • Real Time Clock (DS1307 option)
  • RS485 Communication (75176 option)
  • LCD Port
  • Speaker On-Board

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