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TI Releases New 2.1MHz Class-D Amplifier for Automotive Audio Systems

The TAS6424-Q1 four-channel amplifier delivers high-resolution audio in a compact package

Texas Instruments has introduced the first 2.1-MHz Class-D audio amplifier specifically designed for automotive applications. Supporting high-resolution 96-kHz digital input, the compact TAS6424-Q1 IC enables high-fidelity audio with low distortion in automotive infotainment applications.

Click for Larger Image - TI Releases New 2.1MHz Class-D Amplifier for Automotive Audio Systems The TAS6424-Q1 enables the use of smaller external filters and eliminates up to 18 external components to reduce system size and cost compared to existing Class-D solutions. With maximum output power of 75W per channel, the device features a high switching rate compared to alternative solutions and is the only audio amplifier that switches above the AM radio frequency band.

Features of the TAS6424-Q1 Class-D Audio Amplifier include:

  • Reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI): Switching above the AM band eliminates the need for complex avoidance schemes and eases electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) designs while enabling the system to meet Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (CISPR) 25 Class 5 EMC requirements.
  • Supports low impedance: Maintains stable audio playback while driving low impedance loads of 2 ohms.
  • Advanced AC load diagnostics and line driver mode: The TAS6424-Q1 provides detailed on-chip phase and impedance measurements that designers can use to configure the device with various outputs, such as woofer, tweeter and line-level connections.
  • Enhanced audio quality: Improves distortion, power-supply rejection and dynamic response with high-frequency switching.
  • Better thermal performance: Reduces power dissipation by as much as 60 percent compared to Class-AB amplifiers, greatly reducing the need for fans or large heat sinks.
  • Lower noise: An integrated digital-to-analog converter helps deliver a low system output noise of 42 uVrms for automotive designs like external amplifiers and head units.

More information on the TAS6424-Q1 Class-D Audio Amplifier, can be found on the TI website at TI TAS6424-Q1 product page

The Texas Instruments website address is www.ti.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Texas Instruments - Release Date, 5th December, 2016]