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New Ultra-Low-Power Operational Amplifiers From Texas Instruments

New Op-Amps offer up to 60% lower power consumption and low offset voltage

Texas Instruments have introduced the industry's first precision nanopower operational amplifiers (op amps). The LPV811 and LPV812 consume quiescent current as low as 320 nA and are part of a family of four new ultra-low-power op amps. With up to 60 percent lower power consumption than competitive precision op amps and offset voltage as low as 300µV, the new family of op amps extends battery and sensor life for applications such as building automation, wired and wireless sensor nodes, and wearables.

Click for Larger Image - New Ultra-Low-Power Operational Amplifiers From Texas Instruments In addition, the LPV811 family of amplifiers can drive the ADS7042 successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter, helping to deliver an ultra-low-power analog front end.

Features of the LPV811 Op-Amp family include:

  • Low power consumption: Featuring industry-leading quiescent current without the use of duty cycling, these nanopower op amps enable more energy-efficient 4- to 20-mA loop systems, extend battery life and reduce battery replacement costs.
  • High precision: With a precision offset voltage as low as 300µV and nanopower current consumption, the LPV811 and LPV812 help detect low concentrations of environmental gases and increase two-lead electrochemical sensor life and sensitivity.
  • Low-voltage operation: Operating with a single-supply voltage as low as 1.6 V, the general-purpose LPV801 and LPV802 and precision LPV811 and LPV812 maintain continuous performance under low-voltage battery conditions.
  • High electromagnetic interference (EMI) immunity: An input rejection ratio greater than 80 dB in the 500-MHz to 1-GHz frequency range reduces the need for external filtering components, saves design time for EMI-sensitive applications and enables rapid system qualification according to international standards organizations.

More information on the LPV811 Op-Amp, can be found on the TI website at TI LPV811 product page

The Texas Instruments website address is www.ti.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Texas Instruments - Release Date, 9th November, 2016]