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New Distortion-Cancelling AC/DC LED Driver from ST

An Energy-Saving Solution for Smart City and Smart Home Lighting Applications

Featuring a novel distortion-cancelling input-current shaping (ICS) circuit, the HVLED007 AC/DC LED driver from STMicroelectronics enables energy-saving solid-state luminaires to comply with increasingly stringent lighting regulations.

New Distortion-Cancelling AC/DC LED Driver from ST

The HVLED007 is a current-mode PFC controller optimized for use with isolated, high-power-factor, quasi-resonant flyback converters. The ICS ensures an effectively sinusoidal input waveform with very low total harmonic distortion (THD) over the full load and input-voltage range; THD is below 5% at full load. With near-unity power-factor capability and maximum energy efficiency over 90%, the HVLED007 meets designers’ needs for a single control IC to address multiple medium- and high-power LED-lighting applications up to 80W.

The HVLED007 completes ST’s HVLED family of digital ICs for driving LEDs directly from the rectified mains. With their advanced integration and features that support economical primary-side regulation, HVLED drivers enable lower bill-of-materials costs and compact circuit size while enhancing system reliability and lighting performance.

The electrical parameters of the HVLED007 are specified down to -40°C, allowing use in outdoor lighting including streetlighting as well as indoor applications. The totem-pole output stage can source and sink 600mA and 800mA respectively, enabling use in EN61000-3-2 compliant switched-mode power supplies up to 100W in addition to lighting applications. Protection features including short-circuit, overload, and over-voltage protection are built-in.

Features of the HVLED007 Current-Mode PFC controller include:

  • Transition-mode (quasi-resonant) control of flyback PFC pre-regulators
  • Proprietary input current shaper for minimum THD of line current
  • Control input for isolated feedback and optocoupler driving
  • Output overvoltage protection
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Low (≤ 60 µA) start-up current and low (≤ 4 ma) quiescent current
  • Digital leading-edge blanking on current sense
  • -600/+800 mA totem pole gate driver with UVLO pull-down and voltage clamp

The HVLED007 is currently available in a SO-8 Package and can be ordered from ST in tube or tape and reel packaging.

For more information on the HVLED007 Current-Mode PFC controller, visit the ST website at STMicroelectronics HVLED007 product page.

The STMicroelectronics website address is www.st.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from STMicroelectronics]