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New SIMPLE SWITCHER Controllers with a MOSFET Selection Tool to Simplify Controller Designs

PowerWise Synchronous Switching Buck Controllers Provide Output Current Up to 12A, Require Minimal External Components

National Semiconductor Corporation has released a new family of SIMPLE SWITCHER synchronous buck controllers and the industry's first end-to-end MOSFET selection tool to simplify switching controller designs.

National Semiconductor Releases New Switching Buck Controllers The new PowerWise SIMPLE SWITCHER controller family includes four synchronous buck controllers well-suited for communications and industrial systems. The LM3150 features an adjustable switching frequency and output voltage, and the LM3151, LM3152 and LM3153 feature a range of fixed frequencies along with a fixed 3.3V output voltage. Input voltages for the SIMPLE SWITCHER controllers range from 6V to 42V with output current capability up to 12A. The controllers require minimal external components, which simplifies the design process and reduces the overall solution size. The new SIMPLE SWITCHER controllers feature 93 percent peak efficiency at load, positioning them among National’s PowerWise family of energy-efficient products.

Controller designs are more complex than integrated switching solution designs due to the challenges associated with selecting external MOSFETs. National's WEBENCH suite of online tools has been expanded to include MOSFET selection and analysis for a quick and easy controller design.

Technical Features of the SIMPLE SWITCHER Synchronous Controllers
The four SIMPLE SWITCHER controllers are easy-to-use components to design an efficient, medium-current, step-down power controller. The LM3150, LM3151, LM3152 and LM3153 employ a constant-on-time (COT) control topology that eliminates the need for an external compensation network, which reduces external component count and design complexity.

The patent-pending emulated ripple-mode technology allows for the use of low equivalent-series-resistance (ESR) output capacitors which further reduces system size, complexity and output voltage ripple, providing enhanced electrical performance.

The company's Web site address is www.ti.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from National Semiconductor]