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Microchip Releases New Seven-Port USB 3.1 Generation SmartHub IC

New USB58xx and USB59xx Devices Offer Reversible Connection, Standard USB Type-C Connections and Date Rates up to 5 Gbps

A next-generation hub integrated circuit (IC) for USB Type-C™ applications supporting seven ports is now available from Microchip Technology Inc. The USB58xx and USB59xx next-generation families of SmartHubs are the first seven-port USB 3.1 Gen1 hub ICs available in the market today and offer customers simpler designs and cost savings over previous solutions. These families of hub ICs offer manufacturers multiple direct interfaces to USB Type-C connectors for enabling 5 Gbps USB data rates in a single integrated circuit.

Click for Larger Image - Microchip Releases New Seven-Port USB 3.1 Generation SmartHub IC The USB58xx and USB59xx families are ideal for applications such as monitors, docking stations, digital televisions, set-top boxes and computing peripherals. These applications benefit from the expanded number of external USB 3.1 Gen1 ports available for data connections within a single, monolithic device. Having a hub IC that supports seven ports avoids the power and cost problem of tiering two four-port devices to provide sufficient downstream ports for end customer applications. A single chip results in a simpler design, cost savings and reduced component footprint. In addition, Microchip’s proprietary SmartHub technology can further reduce bill of materials (BOM) cost by enabling I/O bridging and FlexConnect for expanded USB hub functionality without adding any additional components.

Microchip enables multiple, direct USB Type-C connections through integrated 2:1 multiplexers which support the reversible connection feature of the USB Type-C connector. In addition, the devices can expand beyond seven ports through PortSplitting, which allows embedded applications to only use the interface needed for their internal USB connection. Each device also has built-in Billboard support for notifying users when an unsupported device has been connected in a USB Power Delivery application. In addition, the USB58xx and USB59xx families are supported by Microchip’s USBCheck, a free engineering service for reviewing schematics and layout designs.

Click for Larger Image - New Seven-Port USB 3.1 Generation SmartHub IC - Block Diagram “With the introduction of these two product families, Microchip continues to be a leader in the USB hubs and computing markets,” said Mitch Obolsky, vice president of Microchip’s USB and Networking Group. “There are no devices currently on the market that can compete with the features and functionality of these SmartHub ICs. We are confident these two families will meet the needs of our customers developing products with USB-C connections.”

The product families support a range of solutions based on the application requirements for USB Type-C interfaces. The USB59xx family supports direct upstream interface of USB Type-C, while the USB58xx provides support for legacy, non-USB Type-C interfaces. Both families support legacy battery charging including BC1.2, Apple® devices and many non-standard devices available in the market today.

The USB58xx and USB59xx range have been superseded by the USB58xxC and USB59xxC range, for more information on the USB5806C USB Hub, can be found on the Microchip website at Microchip USB5806C product page

More information on the USB5916C USB SuperSpeed Hub can be found on the Microchip website at Microchip USB5916C product page

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The Microchip website address is www.microchip.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Microchip Corporation - Release Date, 3rd November, 2016]