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Seven-Segment Mini Board

Build a simple counter, or digital readout with this Seven-Segment Mini Board. This board features a standard common-cathode seven segment red led display, for testing and developing code for a seven-segment display.

This unit incorporates current limiting resistors for each segment. Each segment is wired to a standard female header located on the back of the unit. The decimal point is also wired for use in a multiple digit display. Can be used with most microcontrollers and can also be connected with our 74HC595 Mini Board for reducing the number of control pins required.

The Seven-Segment Mini Board is a small compact board ideal for testing and developing program code for seven-segment displays.



  • Standard Common Cathode Seven-Segment Display
  • Current Limiting Resistors Included
  • Easy to Connect Female Headers
  • Decimal Point also connected
  • Standard 5V control for most microcontrollers
  • Board Dimensions: 30 x 22 mm