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SD/MMC Mini Board

Our SD/MMC Mini Board is a great way to interface to a standard SD or MMC memory card. This board features a standard SD/MMC connector for easy connection of your memory card. Data can be easily downloaded or read from the card using standard SD or SPI communication.

This board incorporates standard TTL connectors for easy connection. A Card Detect signal and LED, together with a Red Power LED. The connector is a high-quality AVX card connector, for reliable and long-life performance. This board can be easily configured to work with our MP3 Mini-Board, as a simple MP3 Player. Ideal also as a data storage board for real-time data and program storage.

The SD/MMC Mini Board, is ideal for a wide range of data storage and programming applications. The board connects easily using a standard SPI interface and programs can be quickly developed to utilize standard memory cards.

Part Code: MINISC


  • Can be used with SD and MMC Cards
  • High-Quality AVX Card Socket
  • LED Indication for Card Presence
  • Standard Communications interfaces for Data Read and Write
  • Easily Connects to most microcontrollers
  • Ideal for use as an easily removable Data-Storage Device
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm