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Variable Power Supply Mini Board

Still available, our popular Variable Power Supply Mini Board, is ideal for when a steady 3.3V or 5V power supply is required, together with the option of a variable output voltage from 1.23V to 32Vdc. The unit takes a wide range of input voltages from 4.5V to 32Vdc with a standard DC Plug input connection.

The unit is based on the popular National Semiconductor LM2596 Step-Down Switching Regulator and the mini board delivers a highly efficient conversion operation. The unit is mounted on a compact small size board and will easily fit into most control panels. The unit is ideal for powering microcontroller boards requiring a steady and stable 3.3V or 5V. The Variable Power Supply Mini Board can deliver up to 2A and features an adjustable voltage output of 1.23V to 27Vdc. Reliable input and output connections are provided with standard PCB terminals and plug-in sockets. The board also includes input voltage polarity protection.

Our low cost Variable Power Supply Mini Board is perfect as a power supply for low voltage microcontrollers requiring 3.3V as well as a useful adjustable output source for when a wide range of output voltage is required.



  • Based on the National Semiconductor LM2596 Switching Power Supply IC
  • Input Voltage from 4.5V to 32Vdc
  • Three Selectable Output Voltages Available, 3.3V, 5V and Adjustable Voltage
  • Adjustable Output Voltage from 1.23Vdc to 27Vdc
  • Precision Output Accuracy with 25 Turn Cermet Trimpot
  • Output Current up to 2A
  • Standard PCB Terminal Output Connection
  • Input Polarity Connection Protection
  • Board Dimensions: 44 x 56 mm