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Keypad Mini Board

Our Keypad Mini Board includes 16 keys for Hex or standard Numeric Data Entry. Positive contact tactile switches are included in a standard matrix arrangement. An 8-bit data bus is required for pulsing and monitoring the keys.

Pull-Up resistors are included, together with a standard easy to connect IDCC connector for interfacing. This board can be used with any microcontroller, with each pin separately polled or by using a series of interrupt pins to monitor the keys.

The Keypad Mini Board will work with any of our controllers and is an easy to use solution for data entry or simply as a series of switches.



  • 16 Keys Included for Hex and Numeric Input
  • Keys Arranged in Standard Matrix Format
  • Pull-Up Resistors Included
  • Standard IDCC connector for easy connection
  • Compact and Easy To Mount
  • Suitable for use with Arduino Boards and Most Microcontrollers
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm