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Flash Memory Mini Board

Need to add additional Memory or a temporary storage area to your project or control board. Our Flash Memory Mini Board is ideal for this. The board includes a huge 16M of Flash Memory that can be easily written to and will store the data even with the power disconnected. The board features the high-performance Atmel AT45DB161 Flash memory, more information on this IC is available on the datasheet link below.

The board includes a user selectable write protection feature as well as selectable pull-up resistors for the SPI data connection. Data connection can be made using the standard SPI protocol with a maximum speed of up to 20MHz. Standard headers are provided for quick and easy connection to your control system. This board can connect directly to your microcontroller.

The Flash Memory Mini Board is a great way of adding additional memory for program storage or as a data memory for your control system.



  • Includes Atmel AT45DB161 16M Flash Memory
  • Standard SPI Data Connection with selectable Pull-Up Resistors
  • Male and Female Header Connection for Direct Connection to Microcontroller
  • Works from a +3.3V Supply
  • Ideal for storing large quantities of Real-Time Data Values
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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