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EEPROM Mini Board

Our EEPROM Mini Board is the perfect solution for adding or increasing the available EEPROM storage area for your system. This board adds four individually addressable 24LC32 EEPROM's to a standard I²C bus.

Connection to this board is provided by standard male and female headers. Only 2 data lines are required for control and storage using the standard I²C bus arrangement. Data is transferred serially using this protocol. Data is stored permanently in these devices, even with the power disconnected. Decoupling capacitors are also included on-board for each IC.

The compact EEPROM Mini Board, will allow EEPROM storage capacity to be easily increased within an embedded system or control system.



  • Four 24LC32 EEPROM's included
  • Includes Switchable Pull-Up Resistors for the I²C Bus
  • Standard I²C Bus Connection
  • Each EEPROM Individually Addressable
  • Compact and Easy To Mount
  • Suitable for use with Arduino Boards and Most Microcontroller Boards
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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