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MCP2515 CAN Controller Mini Board

Our compact, easy to use, MCP2515 CAN Controller Mini Board is now available. This board is based on the popular Microchip® MCP2515 CAN Controller which fully implements the CAN V2.0B protocol. Two Receive Buffers and Three Transmit Buffers are included together with Data Filtering and Masks. The unit can connect by a high-speed SPI Interface to most microcontrollers with a transfer speed of up to 10MHz.

Four LED's are included on the board for RX (Receive), TX (Transmit), INT (Interrupt) and Power. All the necessary support components for the MCP2515 are pre-installed with a 20MHz Crystal for timing. The CAN bus is pre-wired to green PCB Terminals for easy termination of the and CANH and CANL serial bus. Bus Termination Resistors are installed on the board and these can be connected as required. Standard Male and Female Headers Connections are provided for connection to a Microcontroller.

The MCP2515 CAN Controller Mini Board is ideal for adding a CAN Communications network to your microcontroller or control system. All the important components are pre-installed on this compact Mini Board, together with the inherent functionality of the MCP2515 CAN Controller.

Part Code: MINICAN


  • Ideal for Adding CAN Communications Capability to your System
  • Includes Microchip MCP2515 CAN Controller
  • Easily Connects by a Standard SPI Bus to most Microcontrollers
  • Fully Implements CAN V2.0B
  • Direction and Power LED's
  • Optional Microchip MCP2551 Mounting Socket
  • Compact Board with Mounting Holes Provided
  • Board Dimensions: 44 x 56 mm

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