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74HC595 Mini Board

Our 74HC595 Mini Board is ideal for expanding the number of output points available for a control system or development board. Each Board includes 8 output bits, which are controlled using a standard SPI connection.

Both Male and Female Header connections are provided for easy interfacing. With a standard IDCC socket for output connection. A number of boards can also be combined or daisy-chained for further expansion of the number of output points. Control is easily achieved using a standard SPI connection, with Clock, Latch, DIN and DOUT signals.

The 74HC595 Mini Board provides an easy solution for increasing the number of output Points on a controller or development board.

Part Code: MINI74HC595


  • Easy to Connect Headers
  • Standard TTL Input and Output
  • Compactly Sized
  • Multiple Boards can be Combined for Increased Output
  • Ideal for expanding a Control System
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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