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Input 8-Bit Shift Register Mini Board

The Input 8-Bit Shift Register Mini Board is ideal to expand the number of input port pins available in a control or microcontroller system. The board accepts 8 standard TTL inputs and converts these to a serial output stream for connection to most microcontrollers.

This board utilizes the standard 74LS165 Shift Register TTL IC. This IC is easy to use and many standard software solutions are available for this IC. The boards also includes standard header connections for easy interfacing, as well as provision for incorporating a resistor network for pull-up resistors.

Our compact, inexpensively priced Input Shift Register Mini Board will easily solve the problem of adding additional input pins to a microcontroller or control system.

Part Code: MINI74165


  • Includes 74LS165 Shift Register IC
  • Converts an 8-bit Input to a Serial Output
  • Selectable Clock Input pin
  • Standard Header Connections for easy connection
  • Ideal for Use to expand the Number of Port Input Pins
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm