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LCD240X64 - 240x64 Graphic LCD Display(T6963) - Buy LCD240X64

LCD240X64 - 240x64 Graphic LCD Display


arrowBuilt-in Controller TOSHIBA (T6963C or equivalent)

arrow+5V Power Supply

arrow1/28 Duty Cycle

arrowBuilt-in Backlight

arrowClear, Easy to Read Display

arrowStandard Type, Replaces Similar Sizes

arrowRoHS Compliant

Dimensional Drawing
LCD 240x64 - Top View

Dimensions in mm

Technical Data

Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condit. Min Typ Max Units
Input High Voltage Vih   Vdd-2.2   Vdd V
Input Low Voltage Vil   -0.3   0.8 V
Output High Voltage Voh   Vdd-0.3   Vdd V
Output Low Voltage Vol   0   0.3 V
Supply Current Idd Vdd=5.0V   16.0 20.0 mA
LCD Driving Voltage Vdd-Vo Ta=25°C   12.0   V

Mechanical Characteristics

Item Dimensions Unit
Module Size(WxHxT) 180 x 65 x 14 mm
Viewing Area 127 x 33 mm
Dot Size 0.49 x 0.49 mm
Dot Pitch 0.53 x 0.53 mm

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Units
Supply Voltage(logic) Vdd-Vss -0.3   7.0 V
Supply Voltage(LCD) Vdd-Vee -0.3   25.0 V
Input Voltage Vi -0.3   Vdd + 0.3 V
Operating Temperature Topr -20   70 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -30   80 °C

Interface Pin Connections

Pin No Symbol Level Function
1 FG 0V Frame Ground
2 Vss 0V Power Supply(0V)
3 Vdd +5V Power Supply (+5V)
4 Vo -10V Power Supply for LCD Driver
5 WR L Write Signal
6 RD L Read Signal
7 CE L Chip Enable Signal
8 C/D H/L L:Data H:Instruction Code
9 NC   Not Connected
10 /RST L Reset Signal, Active Low
11 DB0 H/L Data Bus Bit 0
12 DB1 H/L Data Bus Bit 1
13 DB2 H/L Data Bus Bit 2
14 DB3 H/L Data Bus Bit 3
15 DB4 H/L Data Bus Bit 4
16 DB5 H/L Data Bus Bit 5
17 DB6 H/L Data Bus Bit 6
18 DB7 H/L Data Bus Bit 7
19 FS H/L Font Selection L:8x8, H:6x8
20 NC   Not Connected
21 LEDA +5V LED Backlight Anode
22 LEDK -5V LED Backlight Cathode

EL Backlight Specification(Ta=25°C)

Item Symbol Typ Max Units
Forward Voltage Vf 4.1 4.3 V
Forward Current If 220/630   mA
Emission Wavelength p 568   nm

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

LCD240X64 - Controller Data Sheet T6963C Datasheet

Application Notes