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Keypad Decoder Mini Board

Our Keypad Decoder Mini Board is ideal for connecting to and monitoring standard 4x4 and 4x3 Matrix Keypads. With this board, there is no need to write the monitoring code or utilize your main controller for monitoring your keypad, this board handles all of the monitoring of the keypad and converts the key pressed information to either BCD or ASCII code to send to your system. The board is ideal for reducing the processor time spent on monitoring keypads and also makes it easy to identify which key has been pressed.

Our Keypad Decoder Mini Board will work with either 3.3V or 5V systems and includes a large number of standard header connections for easy connection to your microcontroller or embedded system. The board also has the option of a 'Beep' on key press, together with LED feedback when a key is pressed, making the board ideal for security and access control systems. Output key pressed information is available in either standard Binary/BCD code, with a single P/R pin, to notify your system a key has been pressed. As well as ASCII format with a RS232 Connection at two baud rates of 9600 or 57600 bits/s. The board also provides information when a key has been released as well, so as to clearly identify the code that has been entered on the keypad.

Our compact, inexpensively priced Keypad Decoder Board makes connecting to and receiving information from keypads easy. With sound and visual indication when a key has been pressed together with standard data output information for the key pressed, the board is ideal for security and access control systems.



  • Converts Matrix Key Presses to BCD or ACSII
  • Optional 'Beep' on Key Press
  • Suitable for Both 3.3V and 5V Systems
  • LED Indication Also for Key Press
  • Reduces Processor Overhead on Your Microcontroller System
  • Suitable for 4x4 and 4x3 Matrix Keypads
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm