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PIC32MX460 Microcontroller Module

Easy to Use, Premounted, Ready to Run, Microchip® PIC32MX460 Microcontroller Module. Ever wanted to use the new High-Performance PIC32 Microcontrollers, but were unable to mount the 100 Pin TQFP SMD Part, our new PIC Modules are just the answer. These modules are fully assembled and ready to plug directly into your main board or prototyping board. Each Pin is connected to standard male headers for easy mounting and connecting in your circuit board.

The PIC32MX460 Microcontroller Module also includes separate external connection points for the ICD connections, as well as the programming voltage, for in-circuit programming and debugging of the microcontroller.

The new Microchip® PIC32 Microcontrollers offer a huge number of high-performance features, including large programming and SRAM memory, 10-bit A/D Converters, as well as USB, CAN, Real Time Clock and much more. The 32-bit bus also offers much faster operating speeds and the microcontroller is ideal as a mini-computer.

Part Code: PIC32MX460_MOD


  • Includes Microchip® PIC32MX460F512L Microcontroller
  • Pre-Mounted and Soldered
  • Standard 0.1" Male Headers for Easy Connection
  • Plugs Directly into a Main Board or Prototyping Board
  • Separate Top Accessable Connection Points for ICD Programming Units
  • Integrated SMD Capacitors and Resistors for Pull-Up Voltage and USB Connections
  • Ideal as a Mini-Computer
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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