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ET-AVR Stamp

Our bestselling ET-AVR Stamp module is now even better. This terrific high-performance module is ideal for a wide range of applications, including embedded controllers, robots, remote control systems and much more. The module simply plugs into your control board and is ready to run. The module utilizes the powerful Atmel ATmega128 microcontroller, with large Flash Program Memory, high-speed program execution, large number of I/O points together with analog to digital convertors and much more. Our new ET-AVR Stamp module is the perfect module for both beginners and more serious system developers.

Programs can be downloaded directly onto the module by either an SPI or JTAG Connection. The module also supports a JTAG interface for real-time program debugging and for controlling program execution.

Also included on the module are 8 channels of high-accuracy 10 bit A/D Converters, 2 8-bit PWM outputs for motor control and 2 UARTS for easy interfacing to a computer or monitoring system. A huge total of 53 I/O points are available on the module for the largest interfacing requirements. A number of power saving modes are also available to support battery operated and low power systems. Also included within the Microcontroller is a Real-Time Counter and Two 16-Bit Timers.

A huge number of software IDE tools and compilers are available for programming the AVR ATmega range of microcontrollers. Basic, C and Assembly Language compilers are all available from Third-Party Vendors for this microcontroller. Training and Development boards for this module are available from Futurlec.

Our new ET-AVR Stamp Module is the most cost-effective solution for a wide range of embedded applications. Build your control system around this easy to use module, to ensure a high degree of flexibility, easy program updates and simple module replacements. The ET-AVR Stamp module is ideal for use in Colleges,Universities as well as in OEM equipment. Reduce your time to market and system cost, with this great new module.

Please Note: This modules requires the ET-AVR ISP Programming Unit (As Below) for In-Circuit Programming Via the SPI Connection.



  • Includes Atmel ATmega128 Microcontroller with 128kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • High Speed Instruction Throughput with a 16MHz Crystal
  • Direct In-Circuit Program Download by either an SPI or JTAG Connection
  • Up to 53 I/O points
  • 8 Channel 10-Bit A/D Converters
  • 2 UARTS
  • SPI Interface and I2C Support
  • Two 16-Bit Timers with Two 8-bit PWM Channels
  • On-Chip Real-Time Counter
  • Power LED with Load and Reset Button
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

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In-Circuit program download tool for AVR range of microcontrollers and the ET-AVR Stamp (as above), connects to computer parallel port and header on target board. LED status indication for download status.



  • Connects to Computer Parallel Port, Cable Included
  • Uses Popular Windows Software PonyProg2000 for Downloading
  • Standard Header Connector on Board
  • LED Status Indication