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ET-ARM Stamp Development Board

Our ET-ARM Stamp Development Board is ideal for use with the very powerful ET-ARM Stamp Module. This board includes easy mounting for the ET-ARM Stamp module, together with all the necessary power supply components. Also included on the board are pre-wired purchbuttons, LED's, Analog inputs, speaker, LCD Connector plus a large breadboard develoment area. This board is the ideal development platform for the ET-ARM Stamp Module and is great for use in colleges and Universities.

Programs can be downloaded directly to the module via a simple RS-232 Connection on the module, with easy-to use download software combined with the boot-loader already installed on the chip. Updates and program modifications can be completed whilst the module is on the board.

This board is a great way to develop and test both simple and more sophisticated programs and is an ideal learning platform for students. Easily test basic I/O with the LED's and pushbuttons. Then move onto more complex programs with analog inputs etc. The large breadboard area is ideal for adding auxiliary circuits for connecting to the module. A JTAG connector is also included on the board for simple debugging and code development. A number of compilers are available to work with this new microcontroller. These include the powerful Keil C Compiler range.

The ET-ARM Stamp Board is the ideal development tool for our new very powerful ET-ARM Stamp Module.

Please Note: Module Not Included and Sold Separately



  • Includes Mounting Socket for the ET-ARM Stamp Module incorporating the Philips LPC2119 Microcontroller
  • All necessary power supply components and rectification circuit is included
  • Direct In-Circuit Program Download with RS-232 Connection on the ET-ARM Stamp
  • 4 Pushbuttons with Speaker On-Board
  • 4 Variable Trimpots for Adjustable Analog Inputs
  • 4 Red Test LED's
  • Large Breadboard
  • JTAG Connector
  • LCD Connector with Contrast Adjustment
  • Power and Programming LED
  • Easy to Install and Remove the ET-ARM Module
  • Ideal Training and Development Board for the ET-ARM Stamp