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EPROM Programmer

EPROM Programmer

Compact EPROM programmer at any affordable price. Can program most 27 series EPROM's including, 2716,27C16,2732,27C32,2764,27C64,27128,27C128, 27256,27C256,27512,27C512,27C010,27C1001,27C020,27C040 and many more.

Connects to standard computer printer port and includes connection cable. Easy to use software and manual is also included. Works from a 10V power source or plugpack, (not included). Programming voltage is adjustable by software and has three settings, 12.5V, 21V and 25V.
Please note: Works with Windows 95 and 98, power supply not included.



  • Programs nearly all 27 series EPROM's
  • Small and Lightweight Unit
  • Easy to Use Software
  • Can read, verify and program contents of EPROM
  • Adjustable Programming Voltage

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