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68HC11 Development Board

68HC11 Development Board

68HC11 Development Board

New development board for the 68HC11 series of Microcontrollers from Motorola. This board features in-circuit program download via the computer parallel port. Programs can be easily compiled and downloaded directly onto the board, allowing rapid application development. Board is suitable for use with a number of compilers and is a great learning tool for the 68HC11 series.

The 68HC11 Development Board includes 24kByte of program memory, stored on board in the AT29C010 flash eeprom. A further 32kByte of RAM is provided in the 62256 on board RAM chip. 40 Bit I/O is provided via the 8255 port. Expansion sockets are also provided for a Z80 bus expansion. 8 bit, 8 Ch A/D is provided on the 68HC11 IC, a socket is also provided for the fitting of a M6242B real time clock.

Connections are pre-wired and fitted with terminals for an RS232 Connection, RS422/RS485, SPI, LCD, Keyboard and timers.

Please note: This is a complete unit and not a kit. Power supply is not included, a 12V dc power supply can be used for the unit. The RS422/RS485 requires two 75176, not included in the basic version.

Part Code: 68HC11DEVBRD


  • 24kByte Flash Program Memory
  • 32kByte On-Board RAM
  • Easy to Download and Test Programs
  • Great learning tool for the 68HC11 Microcontroller Series
  • RS232 Port Provided On Board

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