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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Need Help.


Click for Larger Image - The TAB Book of Arduino Projects

The TAB Book of Arduino Projects

by Simon Monk

The New Tab practical Arduino Project book introduces a number of more advanced projects than the Evil Genius book. These projects are fun to build and provide some very interesing applications for practical use and dedicated applications. Each project includes the parts list and programming code, together with a guide to the difficulty level and approximate cost of the project. Plenty of pictures and illustrations, ensure the projects can be completed easily and with a minimum or Arduino knowledge.

Build a wide range of different projects utilizing the various features of the Arduino board. All of these projects can be used to further your knowledge in Arduino technology as well as a platform for combining the various functions of your Arduino board to make larger more complex projects. Projects include a popular LED Cube, RFID Door Lock, Laser Alarm, FM Radio Receiver, Theramin Instrument, Network controlled Switch, Email Notifier, LED Matrix Clock, GPS Location Display, Ultrasonic Rangefinder, Temperature-Light Logger and Much More.

The book is a great addition to the Arduino library, providing many exciting easy to build projects. The projects can easily be incorporated in more extensive systems and are a great way to expand your Arduino application knowledge.



  • 36 Easy to Build Projects for Music, Security, Internet and Home
  • Full Code and Parts Lists Included
  • Step by Step Guide to Building the Projects with Heaps of Useful Information
  • Build a RFID Door Lock, LED Clock, Person Counter, GPS Unit, Network Controlled Switch and Much More
  • 361 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

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30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius

by Simon Monk - Second Edition

Excellent introductory book for the Arduino Controller, the book starts with the basic and shows how to program the device using Windows, Mac or Linux Platforms. The book then covers the basics of the controller and the programming language used. Experience is then built up with plenty of practical projects showing how to write the code and also the schematics for the circuit. Newly Revised to include the latest Arduino boards and support components.

Projects covered start from the very basic blinking LED projects, to more detailed LED projects, including seven segment displays, LED matrices and also Character LCD's. Sensor projects are also covered with keypad data entry, temperature measuring and USB Data Recording. Power projects include driving servo motors and fans, as well as interesting infrared remote project. This book is ideal for those starting with the Arduino Controller and covers the basics as well as the theory behind the code and the circuits provided.



  • Step by Step Programming Guide for the Device
  • Detailed Projects Including Schematics, Parts List and Code
  • Includes Light, Sound and Sensor Projects
  • Plenty of Code Examples that can be used with Other Projects
  • 191 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - 30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius

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Click for Larger Image - Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

by Dr. Jack Purdam and Dennis Kidder

New practical Arduino book combines Amateur Radio projects with the new Arduino programming platform. Use your Arduino knowledge to build a wide range of useful projects for the Ham Radio enthusiast. For the radio hobbyists with no knowledge in microcontrollers or Arduino, this is a great way to start.

Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio, first introduces the Arduino board, with a guide to selecting the board and setting up the software ready to program. The next section provides a quick and easy to learn guide for writing basic programs. The book then moves onto some great projects for the Ham Radio operator, including a Panel Meter, Morse Code Decoder, Computer Keyboard Encoder, Antenna Rotator Controller, Frequency Counter and a Portable Solar Power Source. Detailed construction details are provided for each project, with a full code listing, circuit diagram and parts lists together with suppliers for all of the items. Detailed construction information is provided with plenty of pictures and diagrams. Each chapter further expands your knowledge of Arduino programming together with practical technical know-how.

The book is ideal for the Ham Radio enthusiast, wanting to venture into the world of programming with Arduino. Build a wide range of useful projects that can easily be used in your base station.



  • Build a Wide Range of Useful Projects, including Station Timer, Morse Code Decoder and SWR Meter
  • Full Code and Parts Lists Included
  • Theory Explained and Detailed Project Construction Information with Diagrams and Pictures
  • Ideal for the Ham Radio Enthusiast as well as Practical Learning Guide for Arduino
  • 444 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

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Programming Arduino - Getting Started with Sketches

by Simon Monk

For those just beginning with Arduino, this easy to read, compact book is the ideal starting book. The book starts from the basics, with a look at some typical Arduino boards and the various sections on the boards. The book then moves onto installing the Sketches program and loading your first program. The next chapter, is an excellent beginners explanation of C language basics and how to write simple programs. The use of C functions, together with Arrays and Strings is explained in detail together with plenty of code examples. The book then covers basic Input and Output to your Arduino board as well as controlling a simple LCD Display.

The Programming Arduino book is perfect for the beginner, the book can be completed in a couple of hours and will have you writing programs and experimenting with the board within a few minutes, without having to wade through large sections to get the information you require.



  • Excellent Beginners Book
  • Plenty of Short Code Examples with Easy to Understand Explanations
  • Explains C Language Basics for the Novice Programmer
  • Covers Use of Functions, Arrays and Strings plus Basic Input and Output
  • 162 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - Programming Arduino - Getting Started with Sketches

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Click for Larger Image - Programming Arduino - Next Steps

Programming Arduino - Next Steps

by Simon Monk

For those starting out with Arduino and have mastered the basics, this next level book, takes your learning a step further. The book teaches about the internal structure and memory arrangement of Arduino devices, together with how to write efficient programs and also low power operation of Arduino boards. The book includes many chapters on communication, so you will be able to interface using I2C, SPI, UART and also connect to 1-Wire devices. An excellent chapter on Networking is included, with information on setting up your Arduino board as a web server as well as being able to read Analog inputs and control outputs over the network. The book also covers Digital Signal Processing and writing code libraries to share with your friends or publish on the Arduino website.

The Programming Arduino - Next Steps book is ideal for the Arduino beginner, moving onto the next level. Plenty of easy to incorporate C program segments are provided together with easy to understand explanations.



  • Ideal for the Intermediate Level
  • Detailed Information on the Internal Structure and Memory Configuration of Arduino
  • Covers a Wide Range of Interfacing Techniques including I²C, SPI, UART, USB and Networking
  • Plenty of Example Code Segments with Explanations
  • 264 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

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Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius

by Simon Monk

Interested in being able to monitor and control various equipment over your phone, from anywhere in the World. This new book is great for those wanting to build remote monitoring and control solutions via the Android operating system and Arduino platforms. Build a wide range of projects, including TV Remote, Remote Temperature Logger, Home Automation Controller, Smart Thermostat and much more. This book gives all the necessary details to be able to construct these projects, with parts lists, schematics, Android and Arduino code. Construction is quite easy, with detailed information provided, easy to purchase parts are used and most projects can be built within a few hours.

The book is ideal for the Arduino enthusiasts, wanting to build some real-world examples and provide a good starting points for building large more complicated projects.



  • 12 Complete Projects with Circuit Diagrams, Code and Parts Lists
  • Introduces Android Programming
  • Simple Easy to Follow, Detailed Instructions
  • Great for Interfacing and Home Automation Applications from your Phone
  • 197 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius

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Click for Larger Image - Arduino Robot Bonanza

Arduino Robot Bonanza

by Gordon McComb

Great new robot book for the Arduino programming enthusiast. Packed with detailed instructions on building a wide range of robots, including basic line following robots, more advanced sensing robots, a robotic snakebot and a robotic arm. This book is packed with circuits, programming code and mechanical assembly instructions to easily build and develop these robots.

Arduino Robot Bonanza first introduces the basics of Arduino programming, with instructions on loading the software and writing your first programs. The book then moves onto interfacing and controlling various motors and sensors for your robot. Servo motors, dc motors, distance sensors, encoders are all explained in detail. The final part of the book covers building a number of different robots, including a teachbot, tunebot with music, snakebot with many different segments and also a robotic arm with gripper for picking up and moving objects.

The book is ideal for those wanting to build robots quickly and easily, without having to spend hours learning assembly and control programming. Ideal for the Arduino enthusiast to expand your programming skills into robots and building real-world practical applications.

Part Code: ARD_ROBOT


  • Quick, Basic Introduction to Arduino Programming
  • Build a Wide Range of Robots with Detailed Instructions
  • Learn about Servo Motors, Distance Sensors, Gears and Much More
  • Full Parts List, Program Code and Mechanical Construction Details Included
  • 400 Pages - Softcover

Back Cover

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