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ATmega Training Board

Our popular ATmega Training Board is loaded with features and is the ideal training tool for learning and developing AVR code and applications. At the heart of the board is the ATmega microcontroller from Atmel, featuring 16kb of Flash Memory and high throughput instruction cycles. To this we have connected a number of support components, to make this a very powerful board. These include a Real Time Clock for developing real-time applications, EEPROM for storing of parameters and recording data, LCD connection for display, RS232 connection for interfacing with a computer, RS485/RS422 connection for developing a control bus, speaker/buzzer for sound output and heaps more.

This board is ideal for developing and testing code quickly and easily. Download software is included, together with code examples in both assembly language and Bascom AVR Basic, to get you up and running quickly.

Please note: Power supply is not included.
Atmel is a registered trademarks of the Atmel Corporation.



  • Includes ATmega8535L with 16kb internal Flash Program Memory
  • All necessary power supply components and crystal(8MHz) are already installed.
  • All I/O pins connected to headers for easy external connections.
  • In-circuit programming via computer download cable (provided)
  • RS232 Communication with on-board MAX232 or equivalent
  • Test LED for program run testing
  • Power LED and Reset Button
  • Real Time Clock (PCF8583P Optional)
  • EEPROM (24LC256 Option)
  • LCD Connection with Contrast Adjustment
  • RS485/RS422 Communication (Requires 75176 ICs)
  • I²C Bus (PCF8574AP Option)
  • Buzzer/Speaker On-board
  • Code Examples Provided
  • Dramatically reduces program development time


  • Easy to use Atmel Download Software is included with the accompanying CD
  • AVR Basic is available from Bascom

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