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AT89S8252 Controller Board

AT89S8252 Controller Board

AT89S8252 Controller Board

AT89S8252 Controller Board

Our AT89S8252 Controller Board is the ideal compact solution for simple embedded requirements. Featuring the AT89S8252 Atmel microcontroller, with 8kBytes of Flash Program Memory, our small footprint board will fit in the most restricted spaces. The board includes all the necessary power supply components and main crystal, together with in-circuit programming for easy updating and revision of your program. All port pins are mounted on standard IDCC connectors for easy interfacing and connection. Also included on the board is an LCD connector, with contrast adjustment, standard RS232 Communication, power LED and reset pushbuttons.

Our AT89S8252 Controller Board is perfect for applications, where a large amount of basic I/O is controlled. The board can be easily mounted using standard din rail or screw fixing, and will fit comfortably in your control box or panel. Available at a very economical price, this board is suitable for factory or industrial facilities.

This board is ideal for use as an industrial controller or machinery embedded controller.

Please note: Power supply is not included.

Part Code: AT89S8252CONT


  • Includes Atmel AT89S8252 with 8kb internal Flash Program Memory, 2KBytes EEPROM
  • All necessary power supply components and crystals(11.0592MHz) are already installed.
  • All I/O pins connected to headers for easy external connections.
  • In-circuit programming via computer download cable (provided)
  • RS232 Communication with on-board MAX232 or equivalent
  • Power LED and Reset, PSEN Button
  • LCD Connection with Contrast Adjustment
  • On-Board Regulator
  • Easy-to-use Download Software
  • Ideal as a basic Embedded Controller

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