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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Need Help.

Recently Added


 20th June - Just Arrived, the June Issue of Silicon Chip with the new Majestic High Performance Loud Speaker System, Goto Silicon Chip

 12th May - New May Issue of Silicon Chip with RGB LED Strip Controller and Fan Speed Controller, Goto Silicon Chip

 20th April - New April Issue of Silicon Chip with Benchmode Power Supply and USB-to-RS232 Interface, Goto Silicon Chip

 6th March - Just Arrived, Our IO Expander Mini Board, allows the addition of 16 IO Points to your system, IO Expander Mini Board
 5th March - New March Issue of Silicon Chip with Arduino-Based GSM Remote Monitor and Charger for NiMH Batteries, Goto Silicon Chip

 20th February - Silicon Chip February Issue with Speed Controller and Digital Echo Unit, Goto Silicon Chip
 19th February - Mini Power Relay Board for Switching High Current Loads, works with Arduino® Boards, Goto Power Relay Mini Board

 3rd January - New Ultimate Programming Board for use with the Prototyping Board for Arduino® Projects, Goto Programming Board
 2nd January - Silicon Chip January Issue with LED Party Strobe and Bass Extender, Goto Silicon Chip
 1st January - Just Arrived, the Ultimate Prototyping Board for Arduino® Projects and Product Development, Goto Prototyping Board


 1st December - Silicon Chip December Issue with Portable PA System and Electronic Bellbird, Goto Silicon Chip

 2nd November - New USB Type-A Adapter, Ideal for providing a USB connection point to your project, Goto USB Type A Adapter
 1st November - Silicon Chip November Issue with GPS Tracker and Alcohol Analyser, Goto Silicon Chip

 21st October - New Silicon Chip October Issue with a Software Defined Radio and Tiny Tim Speakers and Amplifier, Goto Silicon Chip
 20th October - Just Arrived, Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius, excellent range of interesting projects, Goto Raspberry Pi Projects
 1st October - New USB micro-B Adapter, Ideal for providing a USB connection point to your project, Goto USB micro-B Adapter

 18th September - Great New W5100 Ethernet Network Mini Board, for adding your board to a Network, Goto W5100 Ethernet Mini Board
 12th September - Just Arrived, Variable Power Supply Mini Board with Three Output Voltages, Goto Variable Power Supply Mini Board
 11th September - Now Available, Easy to Use, PIC32MX460 Microcontroller Modules, Goto PIC32 Microcontroller Modules
 10th September - New 1" Pipe Water Flow Sensor, ideal for large irrigation and hot water systems, Goto Flow Sensors

 20th August - New RJ45 Adapter with In-Built Isolation Transformer, ideal for LAN Connection, Goto Computer Adapters
 11th August - Just Arrived, 16 Pin SOIC and SSOP SMD Adapter, for easy mounting of SMD Parts, Goto SMD Adapters
 10th August - New Mini Project Boards, with plated through holes and soldermask, Goto Proto Boards

 22nd July - Just Arrived Float Switches, ideal for use in water tanks, petrol tanks and water recycling systems, Goto Float Switches
 19th July - Hacking Electronics Book, great new practical book for the Electronics and Arduino Beginner, Goto Hacking Electronics
 5th July - New Flow Switches, ideal for monitoring water flow, controlling pumps, irrigation systems and much more, Goto Flow Switches
 4th July - New Silicon Chip July Issue with an Enhanced DC Model Train Controller and Much More, Goto Silicon Chip

 11th June - New Book, Fast and Effective Embedded System Design, ideal introduction to ARM and C Programming, Goto Microcontroller Books
 10th June - Revised Edition, the Third Edition of the Troubleshooting and Repairing Consumer Electronics, Goto Service Books

 30th May - Now in Stock, the Second Edition of the Bestselling, 30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius, Goto Arduino Books
 26th May - Just Arrived, Dual Linear Rotary Pots with Center Detent, ideal for Stereo Balance Controls, Goto Rotary Potentiometers
 25th May - New Silicon Chip May Issue with a Do Not Disturb Telephone Timer and Much More, Goto Silicon Chip

 20th April - Now in Stock, Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Flow Meter, measures both Fuel Flow and Total Fuel Used, Goto Flow Sensors
 19th April - Available Now, Magnetic Reed Switches, Ideal for Alarms and Other Sensing Applications, Goto Reed Switches
 5th April - Just Arrived, Arduino Robot Bonanza, Great New Book for Building Robots with Arduino, Goto Arduino Books
 4th April - New I-Code High Frequency RFID Cards with Read/Write Distance up to 1.5m, Goto HF RFID Cards
 3rd April - Now in Stock, Smart Card with AT24C64, store up to 8kB of Data, Goto Smart Cards
 2nd April - Silicon Chip April Issue with an attractive LED Laybird and Much More, Goto Silicon Chip

 14th March - New High-Performance ZigBee Transceiver Modules, ideal for Wireless Networks, Goto ZigBee Modules
 11th March - Now in Stock, How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Goto Service Books
 9th March - New Basic Electronics Book for High School Students and Beginners, Goto Electronics Books
 7th March - New Water Flow Sensor for 3/4" Pipes with Reed Switch Output, Goto Flow Sensors
 4th March - Just Arrived, 40A Deluxe Solar Controller with LCD Display, Goto 40A Solar Charge Controller
 2nd March - New Mini PIR Sensor Modules with Low Power, Goto PIR Sensors

 10th February - Improved Dual Load Solar Charge Controller for Lighting, Ideal for Garden Night Lights, Goto Lighting Charger
 9th February - Just Arrived, Enhanced PIR Sensor Module with Improved Delay Time Adjustment, Goto Deluxe PIR Sensor Module
 8th February - New PIC18F4550 Controller with USB Connection and 10-bit ADC, Goto PIC18F4550 Controller
 7th February - New Book Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer, Develop Powerful Embedded Applications, Goto Microcontroller Books

 21st January - Silicon Chip January Issue with the Second Part of the 2.5GHz 12-Digit Frequency Counter, Goto Silicon Chip 2012
 6th January - New Inexpensive Compact RF Transceiver Modules, RFM12B and RFM22B, Ideal for Remote Monitoring, Goto Radio Modules
 4th January - New Marine Solar Battery Charger for Lighting, with Automatic Night Light Switch, Goto Marine Charger for Lighting


24th December - Silicon Chip December Issue with a 2.5GHz 12-Digit Frequency Counter, Goto Silicon Chip 2012
12th December - New 20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, with Excellent Charging Efficiency, Goto 20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

20th November - New Voice Record Mini Board, Great for Sound Effects and Voice Messages, Goto ISD2548 Voice Record/Playback Mini Board
14th November - Silicon Chip November Issue with a new High-Performance, High-Power 250W Amplifier, Goto Silicon Chip 2012

31st October - New Microchip 14-Pin and 20-Pin PIC Microcontrollers with USB, Goto Microchip PIC161459
26th October - Silicon Chip October Issue with construction details for the Maximite Minicomputer, Goto Silicon Chip 2012

25th September - Silicon Chip Magazine Clearance, Last Chance to Buy 2010 Issues at Bargain Prices, Goto Silicon Chip 2010
20th September - New Water Flow Meter for 3/4" pipes, Ideal for Hot Water Systems and Tank Monitoring, Goto 40.0 L/min Water Flow Meter
4th September - New Radio Transmitter Module with Adjustable Output Power, Goto Radio Modules - 868MHz
3rd September - Silicon Chip September Issue with new Colour Maximite Minicomputer, Goto Silicon Chip 2012

28th August - Now in Stock, Gas Leak Alarm Module for LPG and Natural Gas, ideal for Gas Leak Alarms, Goto Gas Sensors
28th August - New Temperature and Humidity Sensors with Digital and Voltage Output, for use with Microcontrollers, Goto Sensors
21st August - Just Arrived, New Very Bright Warm White 1W Star Led with 25,000 mcd, ideal for Torches and Lamps, Goto 1W Star LED
20th August - New Water Flow Sensor for 3/4" pipes, Ideal for Hot Water Systems and Tank Monitoring, Goto 40.0 L/min Water Flow Sensor
18th August - Now in Stock, Four Digit Seven-Segment White LED Displays, Ideal for Clock Projects, Goto Four White CA LED Clock Display
8th August - New High Current 100A DC/DC Solid State Relay, Ideal for Solar/Wind and Battery Systems, Goto 100A Solid State Relay
2nd August - Just Arrived, Silicon Chip August Issue with Driveway Sentry and Mains Timer, Goto Silicon Chip 2012

22nd July - Now in Stock, 8x8 White Square LED Matrices, Ideal for Attractive Moving Displays, Goto 8x8 Square LED Display
21st July - New 10 Segment LED Bar Graphs in Blue and White, Great for Audio and Voltage Meter Displays, Goto LED Bar Graph
20th July - Now Available, Whistle Key Finder IC, Ideal for Children's Toys, Games and Other Applications, Goto HK226 Whistle Key Finder IC
3rd July - Just Arrived, Logarithmic Rotary Potentiometers with On-Off Switch, Ideal for Amplifiers, Goto Rotary Potentiometers

18th June - New Solar Charge Controllers for General and Lighting Use in 10A and 20A Sizes, Goto Solar Charge Controllers
10th June - Silicon Chip May Issue with Crazy Frog and Oxygen Sensor Controller Project, Goto Silicon Chip 2012
1st June - Just Arrived, Our fantastic USB Mini Board, ideal for sending and receiving data through a USB port, Goto USB Mini Board

11th May - Ideal for Remote Switching of Lights Over the Phone Line, Our DTMF Board is in Stock, Goto MT8870 DTMF Receiver Mini Board
10th May - Great new microSD Mini Board, ideal for interfacing from your microcontroller to microSD Cards, Goto microSD Mini Board
9th May - New High-Accuracy DS3232 Real Time Clock Mini Board, with Standard I²C Connection, Goto DS3232 RTC Mini Board
8th May - Available Now, Brilliant LED Projects book covering a wide range of useful LED Projects, Goto Brilliant LED Projects
7th May - Just Arrived, 3 Phase AC Solid State Relay, ideal for Motors and Lighting, Goto 3 Phase SSR
6th May - New GPS Mini Board with 2.5m Accuracy and Easy Microcontroller Connection, Goto GPS Mini Board
5th May - Silicon Chip May Issue with Terrific New PIC and AVR Programming Board, Goto Silicon Chip 2012

30th March - Just Arrived, Silicon Chip March with Improved Solar Controller and Ultra Low Distortion Stereo Amplifier, Goto Silicon Chip 2012

23rd February - New Red on Black Character LCD's, in a wide range of sizes and economically priced, Goto 16x2 Red on Black LCD Display
20th February - New 3.3V 16x2 Character LCD's, ideal for ARM and Low-Power Microcontrollers, Goto 16x2 LCD Display
4th February - Now in Stock, Logarithmic Rotary Potentiometers with D-Type Shaft, Goto Rotary Potentiometers
3rd February - New 10A, 20A and 50A Digital Amp Meters, ideal for Solar and Alternative Energy Systems, Goto Panel Meters
2nd February - Just Arrived, Silicon Chip February with Professional Semicondcutor Test Rig and 10W LED Floodlight, Goto Silicon Chip 2012
1st February - New CAN Mini Board for adding CAN Communications to your Microcontroller, Goto CAN Mini Board

19th January - New TDS Monitor, ideal for checking Water Filtration and Rainwater Systems, Goto TDS Monitor
18th January - Now in Stock, Easy to Understand Guide to using the ARM Cortex-M0 Microcontrollers, Goto Microcontroller Books
17th January - Just Arrived, Silicon Chip January with excellent introduction to Arduino Goto Silicon Chip 2012
16th January - New Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius Book Goto Arduino Books
11th January - Second Edition of the very popular, 101 Spy Gadgets for the Evil Genius Book Goto Electronic Books

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