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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. Single and Double Sided Custom Made Printed Circuit Boards at very Economical Prices. Need Help.

PCB Manufacturing Service


Futurlec can supply custom designed printed circuit boards to your design or from our design department. We can deliver single sided or double sided boards with optional solder mask and silk screening at very reasonable prices, with fast turnaround times delivered to your door. In single quantities for a pcb prototype or in large manufacturing runs.

For full technical specifications of our pcb service visit PCB Technical Specifications

For more general questions and information, please refer to PCB Frequently Asked Questions

To estimate the price of your printed circuit boards, follow the steps below for a priced quotation.

Step 1: Dimensions
Enter the length and width of your board, in the following boxes, and select the dimensional units.




Step 2: Type of Board
Enter the type of board, single sided or double sided. Double Sided Boards include Plated Through Holes.

Type of Board Required


Step 3: Options
Enter the options required, these options are available for single sided and double sided boards only.

Silk Screening
Solder Mask


Step 4: Quantity Required
Enter the quantity of boards required.

Number of Boards Required


Step 5: PCB Program
Enter the pcb program used to prepare your board,

PCB Program


Step 6: Calculate Price


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