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New Low Pressure Sensor

Motorola's New Pressure Sensor can measure between 0 to 4kPa.

Designers now have a cost effective solution for making ultra-low-pressure measurements using a new single-chip semiconductor sensor from Motorola. The new integrated MPXV5004G provides highly efficient 2.5 percent accuracy in the pressure range from 0 to 4kPa. This micromachined pressure sensor is fully integrated and temperature compensated from 10 dregrees C to 60 degrees C and offers exceptional value among integrated low-pressure sensors.

"The MPXV5004G is probably the lowest pressure versus cost single-chip-integrated pressure sensor in the industry," says Dan Wallace, pressure sensor product manager within Motorola's Sensors Products Division. "It cost-effectively replaces existing mechanical solutions that are typically much larger in size, weight and power consumption."

The MPXV5004G was developed on an extremely sensitive implanted strain gauge using thin-film metalization and bipolar processing with a 0.2 to 4.7v output, making it well suited for microprocessor/microcontroller-based products and systems. The new sensor is expected to be competitively priced and an ideal solution for a wide range of pressure sensing applications including washing machines, liquid level sensing, health care equipment, commercial, industrial and consumer appliances. The company's Web site address is

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