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Maxim's New Low-Power Low-Voltage Instrumentation Amplifiers

These new instrumentation amplifiers operate down to 2.7V and draw only 93µA in supply current.

The MAX4194-MAX4197 family of micropower instrumentation amplifiers offers the best combination of low-power operation and precision specifications. These rail-to-rail amplifiers use a three-op-amp topology that combines precision specifications and low power consumption. They draw just 93µA of supply current and 8µA in shutdown mode. In addition, they achieve a 500µS power-up time and 85µS 0.1% settling time(unity gain).

This combination of features makes the MAX4194-MAX4197 ideal for battery-powered systems that preserve battery life by pulsing the amplifier on/off at low duty cycle. In addition to low power consumption , these instrumentation amplifiers feature excellent DC specifications with common-mode rejection from 95dB to 115dB, depending on gain.

The unity-gain stable MAX4194 can be configured for gains up to +1000V/V. The MAX4195/MAX4196/MAX4197 are internally configured for gains of unity, +10V/V, and +100V/V, respectively.These amplifiers feature a rail-to-rail output that can drive a 5kohm load to 100mV from each rail.

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[Reprinted with kind permission from Maxim]

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