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ADC With Temperature Compensation

The MAX1460, is a highly integrated, low-power, 16-bit ADC that is capable of digitally correcting its output over temperature

Digital correction is provided by on-chip RISC DSP, EEPROM, 16-bit ADC, 12-bit DAC, PGA, temperature sensor, and an auxiliary op amp. The DSP uses the digitized input signal, the on-chip temperature sensor, and correction coefficients stored in the internal EEPROM to produce the conditioned output. This feature can be readily exploited by automotive, industrial, and medical applications such as pressure sensors and smart batteries (to name just a few). Built-in test features on the MAX1460 are designed to integrate and automate pretest, calibration, compensation, and final test operations of traditional sensor manufacturing. This capability saves significant manufacturing cost by eliminating manual calibration methods.

Digital correction is provided by internal DSP and EEPROM containing user-programmed calibration coefficients. The conditioned output is available as a 12-bit digital word and as a ratiometric analog voltage using the on-chip 12-bit DAC. The uncommitted op amp can be used for filtering the analog output or implementing a 2-wire, 4-20mA transmitter. The high-precision front end includes a 16-bit ADC, 2-bit PGA, and 3-bit coarse-offset DAC; it resolves less than 1V of differential input signal. Operating from a single +5V supply, this low-noise device consumes only 400A of supply current, making it ideal for low-power applications.

Furthermore, with a dedicated cell library of more than 90 sensor-specific functional blocks, Maxim can quickly customize the MAX1460 for unique requirements of high-volume applications.

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[Reprinted with kind permission from Maxim]

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