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Linear Technology's new Single Supply Op-Amp

The new LT1677 Op-Amp from Linear Technology offers excellent low noise performance and also rail-to-rail output operating from a single supply.

Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LT1677, the industry's highest precision, lowest noise, rail-to-rail single supply amplifier. Combining rail-to-rail input and output capability with precision performance exceeding that of OP27, the LT1677 can eliminate a negative supply. The low input noise of only 3.2nV/rtHz results in excellent dynamic range. Specified for single 3V and 5V as well as ±15V supplies, the output of the LT1677 is able to swing within 300mV of either supply while sourcing or sinking 2.5mA. The rail-to-rail input can actually exceed either supply by 100mV.

The LT1677's low noise performance is complemented by excellent DC precision. Input specifications of 60µV maximum offset voltage, 20nA maximum bias current combined with 130dB PSRR and CMRR and an open loop gain of 4 million eliminate DC errors. The 7.2MHz gain bandwidth product and 2.5V/µs slew rate add ac performance to dc precision.

Specified for operation over the commercial and industrial temperature range, the LT1677 is ideal for use in a wide variety of industrial and instrumentation applications such as strain gauge amplifiers and low voltage battery powered amplifiers.

The company's Web site address is

[Reprinted with kind permission from Linear Technology]

Linear Technologies New Single Supply Precision Op-Amp

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