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Holtek Releases New 1.5V Battery Application Microcontroller

Ideal for low-power and single cell battery applications,

Holtek’s new 1.5V Low Voltage MCU series includes four new devices, the I/O type HT48R01M and HT48R02M as well as the A/D type HT46R01M and HT46R02M. All devices in the series include an internal DC-DC converter, which can accept input voltages down to 0.7V, but still maintain a fixed output voltage of 3.0V. This allows the devices to be powered by a single cell battery, as well as providing a 3V power source for external application components.

The devices have an OTP type memory capacity of either 1Kx15 or 2Kx15, 96 bytes of SRAM Data Memory, 10 I/O pins, an internal Time Base and two 8-bit Timers. The A/D type devices include a 12-bit internal high speed ADC and an 8-bit PWM output. Four types of system oscillators are provided, a high frequency crystal type, low frequency crystal (32KHz) type, external RC oscillator and internal RC oscillator. This latter internal RC oscillator requires no external components and can be chosen to have one of three different frequencies, 4MHz, 8MHz or 12MHz, each with a tolerance of ?2%.

This new 1.5V Battery MCU device series are available in 16-pin NSOP package types. A host of other special characteristics including flexible I/O functions, low operating voltage, and low cost will see this new device range forming solutions to a multitude of low voltage applications in the battery powered portable and consumer product areas.

To support these devices, Holtek provides a full suite of hardware and software development tools, known as the HT-IDE3000. These tools include a hardware In-Circuit Emulator as well as all the software functions one would expect such as trace analysis, programmable breakpoint setting and many others to ensure that designers have their new product designs debugged and up and running in the shortest time possible.

The company's Web site address is http://www.holtek.com.tw/.

[Reprinted with kind permission from Holtek Semiconductor Inc]

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