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Analog Devices New Op-Amp

This Op-Amp offers very high accuracy at a low price, with auto-zero.

Analog Devices new AD8551 and AD8571 families of high-performance, offer low-cost, auto-zero op amps suitable for high-volume applications. "Analog Devices is setting the standard for high-performance op amps in the high-volume market," says Steve Sockolov, Analog Devices' director of precision amplifiers. "Until now, you couldn't get this level of accuracy at a reasonable, high-volume price." Earlier entrants to the low-cost, auto-zero amplifier market compromised performance, forcing design engineers to worry over error budgets and spend additional design time compensating for op amp performance. Their only alternative was to buy expensive chopper amplifiers, generally priced well beyond most high-volume cost constraints. With greater than 20-bit accuracy, the AD8551/AD8552/AD8554 and AD8571/AD8572/AD8574 op amps offer uncompromised performance. Design engineers can easily meet error budgets and cost constraints, save design time and improve time-to-market. Specific features for the two families include: AD855x: • Better than 20-bit accuracy • Offset voltage as low as 1 ĩV over a -40 to +125ēC range • Almost immeasurable drift over time and temperature • Lowest voltage noise among auto-zeroing amplifiers and no 1/f noise • Shortest overload recovery time (250 ĩs max./50 ĩs typical) among auto-zeroing amplifiers • Rail-to-rail input and output • Single, dual and quad versions • SOIC, MSOP, TSSOP packages AD857x: • These parts have the same features as the AD855x, plus: • ADI's patented spread-spectrum auto-correction technique • No clock noise spike • No intermodulation spikes (aliasing) The AD857x family of amplifiers is the first auto-zero amplifiers for broadband applications. This technology enables precise dynamic measurements for control systems, robotics, dynamic weigh scales and other "moving" signal processing applications. The AD855x and AD857x families are the first in a series of high-precision products ADI will offer for high-volume applications. Additional products will be announced within the quarter. For more information on the AD855x and AD857x, including an auto-zero white paper and FAQs, visit Analog Devices' web site at or call 1-800-ANALOGD. Analog Devices is the world's number one supplier of amplifiers, according to industry analyst house Selantek Inc.'s worldwide amplifier market report (March 1999). The AD855x/AD857x are important additions to Analog Devices' wide range of high-performance analog ICs. Such innovations helped earn the company its place as the number one brand of high-performance analog ICs, the critical building blocks in signal processing applications. Its portfolio includes converters, amplifiers, power and thermal management, and interface ICs. The company's Web site address is

Analog Devices New Op-Amp

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