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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Need Help.

LCD160X128 - 160x128 Graphic LCD Display(T6963) - Buy LCD160X128

LCD160X128 - 160x128 Graphic LCD Display

Built-in Controller TOSHIBA (T6963C or equivalent)

+5V Power Supply

1/28 Duty Cycle

Built-in Backlight

Clear, Easy to Read Display

Standard Type, Replaces Similar Sizes

Dimensional Drawing
LCD160x128 Dimension Drawing

LCD160x128 Dimension Drawing

All Dimensions are Shown in Millimeters

Technical Data

Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Input High Voltage Vih   Vdd-2.2   Vdd V
Input Low Voltage Vil   -0.3   0.8 V
Input Low Voltage Vil   -0.3   0.8 V
Output High Voltage Voh   Vdd-0.3   Vdd V
Output Low Voltage Vol   0   0.3 V
Supply Current Idd Vdd=5.0V   15.0 30.0 mA
LCD Driving Voltage Vdd-Vo Ta=25°C   10.0   V


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Max Units
Supply Voltage(logic) Vdd-Vss -0.3 7.0 V
Supply Voltage(LCD) Vdd-Vee -0.3 28.0 V
Input Voltage Vi -0.3 Vdd + 0.3 V
Operating Temperature Topr -20 70 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -30 80 °C


Mechanical Data

Item Nominal Dimensions Unit
Module Size(WxHxT) 129 x 120 x 12 mm
Viewing Area 92 x 74 mm
Dot Size 0.54 x 0.54 mm
Dot Pitch 0.58 x 0.58 mm


Pin Connection

Pin Symbol Level Function
1 FG 0V Frame Ground
2 Vss 0V Ground
3 Vdd +5V Supply Voltage for Logic
4 Vo -15V Operating Voltage for LCD
5 Vout +15V Supply Voltage for LCD
6 WR L Write Signal
7 RD L Read Signal
8 CE L Chip Enable Signal
9 C/D H/L L:Data H:Instruction Code
10 /HALT L H:Normal L:Stops Oscillator Clock
11 /RST L Rest Signal, Active Low
12 DB0 H/L Data Bus Line
13 DB1 H/L Data Bus Line
14 DB2 H/L Data Bus Line
15 DB3 H/L Data Bus Line
16 DB4 H/L Data Bus Line
17 DB5 H/L Data Bus Line
18 DB6 H/L Data Bus Line
19 DB7 H/L Data Bus Line
20 NC   Not Connected
21 LEDA +5V LED Backlight Anode
22 LEDK -5V LED Backlight Cathode


EL Backlight Specification (Ta=25°C)

Item Symbol Type Max Unit
Input Voltage Vel 100   Vrms
Input Frequency fel 400   Hz
Current Iel 15   mA

Technical Data

Data Sheet

LCD160X128 - Controller Data Sheet T6963C T6963C Datasheet

Application Notes


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