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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Need Help.

Click for Larger Image - Opto-Isolated DC Motor Board

Opto-Isolated DC Motor Controller Board

Now available our great new DC Motor Controller Board, suitable for controlling DC Motors from 6 to 24Vdc and with up to 5A load. This board features opto-isolated motor drivers for improved isolation and reliability. High quality MOSFET's are used as the drive transistors providing fast switching and minimal power loss. Our DC Motor Controller Board also includes speed and direction control directly on the board or via a standard TTL interface to an external controller such as a microcontroller or control board.

The board also included LED status control, easy to connect terminal interfaces for power connections and DC Motor connections. High quality heatsinking for the output MOSFET transistors. Excellent isolation with high performance opto-isolators. This board is ideal for cases where speed control of loads is essential, such as robots, servos and other DC Motor Applications.

Easily control your DC Motor with this easy to use, versatile DC Motor Controller at a fraction of the price of other comparable boards.



  • Opto-Isolated For Improved Satefy and Reliability
  • Heavy Duty, Suitable for DC Motors from 6-24Vdc and 5A
  • LED Indication for Direction, Power Supply and Control
  • Terminal Blocks Provided for Easy DC Motor Connection
  • Direction and Adjustable Speed Control Provided On-Board
  • Digital Input for External Control of Speed and Direction, Suitable for Connection to Most Microcontrollers or Control Boards
  • Board Dimensions: 130 x 57 mm

Order Now for only $19.90   

Click for Larger Image - Opto-Isolated for Improved Reliability
Click for Larger Image - Pushbutton for Right and Left direction

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