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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Need Help.


Click for Larger Image - Robotic Builders Bonanza

The Robot Builder's Bonanza

by Gordon McComb and Mike Predko - Fourth Edition

Newly Update the Fourth Edition of this excellent Robot Builders Guide, includes lots of new information on building and experimenting with robots. Heaps of information to help you build robots that walk, see, feel, talk and listen. Includes detailed plans and construction guides, as well as background information to help you modify the designs to suite your application. One of the best books available to get you started in Robotics.



  • Over 100 Inexpensive Robotics Projects
  • Updated with New Information and 10 New Projects
  • Detailed Information on Using Various Microcontrollers and Basic Stamps
  • Robotic Programming

Back Cover

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Robot Programmer's Bonanza

by John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal

Just arrived this excellent new book on Robot Programming. Based on the easy-to-use RobotBASIC programming software, this book first introduces the software and then explains how to develop algorithms and debugging techniques for the software. The book then moves on to cover extensively controlling robot movements, including following a straight line, locating a goal, navigating in a maze and also how to move in the home or office. Developing robotic intelligence is also covered together with a real-world simulation. The book is easy to understand and is an ideal starting point to move from remote controlled robots to fully autonomous robots, able to navigate and make decisions independently.



  • Based On Easy-to-Use RobotBASIC Programming Software
  • In-Depth Coverage of Controlling Robot Movements
  • Plenty of Code Examples for each Chapter
  • Developing Intelligent Robots
  • Appendix with detailed information on each RobotBASIC Command
  • 396 Pages

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - Robot Programmer's Bonanza

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Click for Larger Image - Robot Builders Cookbook

Robots Builders Cookbook

by Owen Bishop

Excellent introduction to using PIC microcontrollers to build a number of robots. This new book first introduces the mechanics behind robot design and then moves onto the electronics required to get your robot operational. PIC programming for robotics is explained together with assembly language examples for the various functions of the robot. 5 complete robot projects are then presented together with detailed instructions, code examples, circuit design and explanations of the various theory behind each design. Build a scooter, android, robot toy and more. This book is great for the beginner with PIC experience, wanting to start with their first robot.



  • Detailed Instructions with code, circuit design and parts lists
  • Covers the basics of robot mechanics, electronics required and PIC programming for the various functions
  • Basic step by step guide, ideal for the beginner
  • Easy to read format, with plenty of diagrams and examples
  • 366 Pages

Back Cover

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Programming Robot Controllers

by Mike Predko

For those serious about developing and building robot controllers, this book is an excellent introduction for both the beginner and the more serious enthusiasts. The book starts with the basics on use of microcontrollers in robots and then moves on to introduce the PIC Microcontroller range and how to interface this with the various sub-systems of you robot. The book explains in detail the various sensor and how they can combined to build a sophisticated advanced robot controller.



  • Complete information on the different sensor types
  • Basic Introduction into the Microchip PIC Microcontroller
  • Software development in C Language
  • Plenty of Examples and Code for Use in your Project
  • CD-Rom Included

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - Programming Robot Controllers

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Click for Larger Image - Building Robot Drive Trains

Building Robot Drive Trains

by Dennis Clark and Michael Owings

Contructing and controlling the various drive systems in a robot is essential for developing a successful robot. This book explains the various types of motors available and their various advantages. As well as explaining the control circuits required together with the various interfacing requirements. This book has plenty of pictures and examples for easy incorporation into your robot design, together with an explanation of the various theories behind the designs.



  • Detailed Information on DC Motors, RC Servo Motors and Stepper Motors
  • Covers the control and circuitry required to control the various motor types
  • Includes information on interfacing and microcontroller system control
  • Easy to read format, with plenty of diagrams and examples
  • 399 Pages

Back Cover

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PIC Robotics

by John Iovine

Great new Robotic book especially for PIC Microcontrollers by renown author John Iovine. This book is ideal for the beginner and features 6 complete robotic experiments. Covering using a CCD camera to track and follow coloured objects, building a biped robot, building a fully functional robotic arm, using verbal commands to control your robot and much more. Complete parts lists are provided, with step by step instructions and no assembly language programming is required.



  • 6 Inexpensive and Easy to Build PIC Robotic Experiments
  • Ideal for the Beginner with no assembly language programming required
  • Complete parts lists and instructions
  • Create a robot that walks on 2 legs, a six leg robot, a robot that obeys voice commands and much more,

PIC Robotics

Order Now for only $18.95   

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123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius

123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius

by Mike Predko

This excellent book covers a wide range of theory to build and control robots. From basic circuit design, stepper motor control, digital logic, computer interfacing and navigation. The book includes circuit digrams, theories behind the circuits, together with parts lists to build the designs. The book is a great source of ideas to develop your robot, most experiments are simple to construct and provide knowledge in many areas of robot theory.

Part Code: 123ROBOTICS


  • Includes Part Lists and theory behind each design
  • Covers basic circuit theory, logic design, motor drives, computer interfacing and heaps more
  • Detailed Circuit Diagrams and Explanations into circuit operation
  • Includes PCB for building and testing experiments

Order Now for only $23.95   

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Robot Builder's Sourcebook

by Gordon McComb

Where to find everything you need to build your new robot. This great sourcebook includes heaps of information on where to find parts, components, motors and lots more. Provides names, addresses, phone numbers, etc for over 2500 suppliers of hard to find parts and needed accessories for the most complex robot.



  • Written by Gordon McComb author of Robot Builder's Bonanza
  • Links to additional information
  • Practical Guide on selecting the right parts

Robot Builder's Sourcebook

Order Now for only $22.95   

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Robotics Demystified

Robotics Demystified

by Edwin Wise

Great introductory book into the exciting world of Robotics. This easy to read book explains all of the key concepts, in easy to understand language, with plenty of examples. The book covers basic mechanics, together with electronics and control theory. This book also explains basic programming and how to use this with your robot. Plenty of diagrams and ciruit information is included, with quizzes and tests along the way to check your progress.



  • Easy to read and understand
  • Ideal for the beginner, plenty of illustrations
  • Excellent self-teaching book

Order Now for only $19.95   

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