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Click for Larger Image - Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor

Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor

by Kraig Mitzner

Just released this excellent new book on PCB Design. The book is in full color and is suitable for anyone wanting to get started in PCB design. The book is based around OrCAD PCB software, however it can easily by used with other PCB programs. All the basics are covered, including selecting track width's, part placement and designing for signal integrity. Also covered is how to build a library of parts, together with their footprints and characteristics. The final section of the book covers numerous design examples from start to finish with both standard DIP parts and also SMD parts. The final chapter gives some manufacturing guidelines together with a complete appendix of part sizes and standards. This book is an excellent book for the technician and design engineer starting out in pcb design and development, There are plenty of diagrams and the book is loaded with practical information.

Part Code: PCB_ORCAD


  • Basic Design Fundamentals and Guidelines Explained
  • Ideal for use with all PCB Design Software
  • Plenty of design examples, explained from start to finish
  • In Full Color with heaps of diagrams and easy to follow program instructions

Back Cover

Order Now for only $72.95   

Build Your Own Printed Circuit Board

by Al Gibson

Learn how to design and manufacture your own printed circuit boards. This book starts from the basics and shows you how to prepare the schematics, then autoroute the board and finally prepare the pcb layout. The book gives detailed information on design techniques, things to avoid and using the Eagle Software program. The book also covers pcb production at home, how to produce the output on a laser printer and then etch the board at home. Detailed information is also given on preparing a design for manufacture, using gerber files and outsourcing of the production. This book is an excellent introduction into PCB design and manufacture.

Part Code: BYOPCBS


  • The Latest in PCB Design Tips and Techniques
  • Detailed Instructions for Generating Gerber Files for Manufacturing your Boards
  • Learn how to Autoroute your Boards
  • Includes CD, with EagleCAD Light PCB Software

Back Cover

Click for Larger Image - Build Your Own Printed Circuit Board

Order Now for only $26.90   

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