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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. All the Electronic, Microcontroller and Robotic Books you need for Study, Design and Engineering. Need Help.


30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius

30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius - 2nd Edition

For those starting out with the Arduino Controller this new book is an ideal introduction to the controller and the programming language. With plenty of practical projects that are easy to build, as well as code examples that can be easily used for another applications. The book includes light, sound and sensor projects covering the use of LED's, Seven Segment Displays, Temperature Sensors, Servo Motors and Much More. Newly revised and updated to include the latest boards and technology available. Goto 30 Arduino Projects
Also Available: ET-Easy 168 Stamp Board


Programming and Customizing PICMicro Microcontrollers

Programming and Customizing PICMicro Microcontrollers

Newly Updated Programming and Customizing PICMicro Microcontrollers, offers the most complete and extensive coverage of PIC microcontrollers. Starting from the basics and building up to more advanced topics, this book covers it all. With heaps of projects to give hands on practice and to gain a better understanding of the theory. This book also includes a CD-ROM full of useful technical data-sheets and applications notes, together with a circuit board for building your own programmer. Great value at only $58.90, Goto PIC Books.
Also Available: Huge range of Microchip PIC Microcontrollers


Hacking Electronics

Hacking Electronics

Just Arrived, excellent new book for the beginner in Electronics. This book starts from the basics and includes a large number of practical experiments with detailed parts lists and circuit diagrams. Most experiments can be built quickly and easily with just a few parts and a breadboard. The book also covers Arduino programming with experiments on interfacing to wide variety of sensors, including stepper motors, seven segment displays, accelerometers and much more. Goto Hacking Electronics
Also Available: Seven Segment LED's and LED Matrix's


Practical Electronics Handbook

Practical Electronics Handbook

Now in it's 6th Edition, this excellent electronics book, covers all the various electronic parts and circuits. With chapters on Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Batteries and much more. Ideal for the design engineer with valuable information on incorporating the various parts in your design. Ideal for students and hobbyists alike, the book is full of practical design information. Goto Practical Electronics Handbook


Silicon Chip

Silicon Chip - September 2014

Just out the latest edition of Silicon Chip, now available on the Futurlec web site for only $8.50. Each month features a host of interesting projects to build, with complete assembly details, parts lists and pre-designed printed circuit board. Many interesting articles are included giving practical instruction and also introducing the latest technology. Goto Magazines

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Silicon Chip - February

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30 Arduino Projects
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