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Click for Larger Image - Silicon Chip - September 2015

Silicon Chip - September 2015

by Silicon Chip

In this month's Silicon Chip magazine, the second part of the very popular Ultra Low Distortion 200W RMS Power Amplifier project. This month details the construction of the amplifier together with some background on improving the distortion performance and stability of the amplifier. This month also features the new Senator Louspeakers suitable for up to 250W power, with a staggering bass response down to below 20Hz. The speaker system features a 10inch Celestion Woofer together with a T1534 Celestion Horn for the tweeter housed in a very attractive cabinet. The performance of these speakers is exceptional and comes close to much more expensive commercial speaker systems. Also this month, build a USB Charge Regulator with Low-Voltage Cutout. This miniature unit is ideal for use in your car to charge phones or cameras and has the added feature of a low voltage cut-out to prevent discharging your car's battery below 12.5V.

Finally, this month a 9-Channel Infrared Remote Control, for controlling a number of devices with an easy to use remote control. The receiver is built into a single unit and has LED indication for each channel, as well as the option to Momentary Switch a device or toggle on-off.

In this month's features, an excellent article on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, these units are now able to travel underwater for vast distances and are ideal for mapping the seabed or measuring ocean temperatures and salinity. Also this month, a quick look at some of the new Ultra-High Definition monitors that are available for your PC. These large 40-inch plus monitors are ideal for replacing a 2 monitor set-up or for high-accuracy art work on your PC. Plus all the regular columns, including the Circuit Notebook, Serviceman's Log and Vintage Radio are included, providing stacks of great reading.

Part Code: SILCHIPSEP2015


  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • 4K Monitor Shoot-Out
  • Electronex: The Electronics Design & Assembly Expo


  • Ultra-LD Mk4 200W RMS Power Amplifier, Part 2
  • Senator 10-inch Bass Reflex Loudspeakers
  • USB Charger Regulator with Low-Battery Cut-Out
  • Build a 9-Channel Infrared Remote Control

Special Price of $6.90   

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